The Best Free Domain Hosting Providers

Finding the right free domain hosting provider can prove to be a very useful way of cutting back on the costs involved in running a website. And yes, various companies are offering Free Domain Hosting services for businesses and individuals. You may wonder how these Free Domain Hosting Providers cover their operation costs let alone make a profit. For most of these free domain hosting providers, a free hosting service is mostly a marketing tool used to get more clients on their platform. Once they join, they can easily upgrade to the paid services thus allowing the company to increase its customer base. Other Free Domain Hosting Providers serve advertisements on the free customers’ websites, hence making money to cover the operating costs.  Below are some of the best free domain hosting providers you can choose from.

Free Web Hosting at

Being one of the best known free web-hosting services, Free Web Hosting at has been offering Free Domain Hosting since 2007. The free 000webhost package comes with a disk space of 1500mb and a monthly bandwidth of 100GB. This package also comes with 5 email accounts, 2 MySQL databases, and cPanel access. Even though they are not the best of the Free Domain Hosting Providers, this host still can be a good choice for many enthusiasts looking to host a free website. Other services offered include a free site builder, CMS auto-installer.

Zymic Free Web Hosting

 This free web hosting service provides 6GB disk space and 50GB monthly data transfer. They also offer 3 MySQL databases but no email account. They also do not advertise on their clients’ website. The 6GB space can be enough for a small site that doesn’t upload a lot file.

Free Hosting at offers 10GB hosting with 250GB monthly traffic with no advertisements on the free clients’ websites. However, the site is limited to 1 database, 1 email account, and only one domain. This Free Domain Hosting site also offers a free subdomain.

Free Web Hosting No Ads (

 Perhaps the best of Free Domain Hosting Providers, this site offers a large 20GB disk space and 200GB bandwidth. The site also provides 3 databases and 3 email addresses and full CPanel access.

U Host Full (

 Perhaps the biggest shocker when it comes to the Free Domain Hosting Providers, this site offers 1000GB disk space and 1000GB monthly bandwidth. This free hosting is enough to host a business website. How the site manages to achieve this is a mystery. One point to remember is that some of the free domain hosting providers keeps changing their terms and conditions from time to time. Thus, it’s always better to be prepared in case this happens.

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