What to Consider Before Opting for Cheap Domain Hosting

What to Consider Before Opting for Cheap Domain Hosting

A good web host is crucial for a website or blog, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Cheap web hosting can be just as excellent as Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting. Here’s a look at things to consider when looking for cheap web hosting.

What Does Cheap Mean?

 Many years ago, hosting at $8.95 per month was considered cheap, but now you can get an excellent package for just $1.95 per month. However, a cheap package should provide features that equal current market standards. For instance, the service provider should provide technical support on a 24-hour basis.

Hidden Costs

 You need to consider what the service provider is selling. Many cheap hosting firms have very aggressive up-selling practices. Such companies make extra income through recommending products, additional services, and even apps such as CMS themes, CDN services, and email spam protection. Even though most of these offerings are simple, some services might dupe you into signing up for a free trial, and when it expires, the company will continue charging you. Therefore, you should look at the hidden costs before you subscribe.

Know your Hosting Needs

 It’s also important to know your hosting needs before choosing a service provider. For example, your hosting requirements will depend on the type of website you’re building. If you’re building an e-commerce site, your hosting needs might differ from someone developing a web application.

Uptime Scores

 A web host should provide services around the clock since users who visit your site come from different time zones across the globe. Your web host should also provide stable servers and excellent network connections. Nowadays, we consider 99.95% uptime normal for a shared hosting account while a premium account can feature 99.99% uptime. And even for a shared hosting account, it’s unacceptable to have anything less than 99%.

Server Upgrading Choices

As your site starts growing and increasing in traffic, you will need more resources. A good hosting provider allows you to monitor your site so that you can upgrade before you start experiencing problems. Also, you may need something that your present hosting plan doesn’t support. Before subscribing to a cheap hosting plan, look at the options available for upgrading.

Add-on Domains

 Nowadays, domain names are so cheap that many website owners own several. However, extra domains require additional hosting space. Therefore, your reasonable hosting account should allow you to add multiple domains.

Expensive Renewal Costs

 Cheap web hosting is often sold at high discounts to attract customers. But when it comes time to renew your plan, you might find the costs prohibitive. You should, therefore, consider the signup fee versus the renewal price before you subscribe to a cheap hosting plan.

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